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   FAQ - Academics

Q. Which curriculum does Global Indian International Schools (GIIS) Noida offer?

A. GIIS school at Ahmedabad shall offer the CBSE curriculum.

Q. Is this school’s CBSE curriculum same as the schools nationwide?

A. Yes, the GIIS Ahmedabad offers exactly the same CBSE curriculum as other leading schools offer. Even the text books are similar to the publications used in CBSE schools.

Q. Are the text books same across GIIS schools?

A. Yes, in most cases all GIIS schools follow the same text books from specific publishers. The GIIS books selection committee comprises of Senior Teachers and Heads of Departments and they select the publications based on its merits.

Q. What are the school timings?

A. School will start at 8.30 AM and will end up at 2.30 PM from classes 1 upwards. School will start at 8.30 am and end at 12.30 pm for classes Nursery, KG 1 and KG 2.

Q. Does GIIS allow its teachers to offer tuitions to GIIS students?

A. GIIS’s employment policy prohibits GIIS teachers from providing any form of tuitions or paid basis classes to any GIIS students.

Q. Are there any Enrichment classes available in the school?

A. Yes, enrichment classes are made available to students of all ability levels beyond school hours.

Q. What is the medium of teaching?

A. All GIIS schools provide teaching in English medium only.

Q. What are the 1st & 2nd language options for my child and what level it starts?

A. English by default is the 1st language, and 2nd language starts from KG goes up to grade 10.The 2nd language choices available are Hindi, German & French. Sanskrit as a 2nd Language is offered at grade 9 & 10 only.

Q. Does GIIS have experienced teachers?

A. GIIS has very stringent recruitment guidelines which enable it to hire and retain the best in the field of education .

Q. What do these various acronyms mean?

A. The common acronyms used in the school diary or timetables are:

ECA - Extra Curricular Activity.

CCA - Co-Curricular Activity. ;

A/C - Art and Craft.

H/G/F/S - Hindi, Gujarati, French & Sanskrit respectively;

Q. How many recesses are available during school?

A. The school usually has a snacks recess for about 15 mins and a lunch recess for about 30 mins. GIIS Schools have deferred breaks in groups of classes to avoid overcrowding of school canteens.

Q. What Kind of Food does the school Canteen provide?

A. The school canteen is operated by professional caterers.. The canteen provides for vegetarian food. A wide range of snacks and drinks too are available during the snacks and lunch recess. The canteen menu changes every day of the week.

Q. Can students bring home food?

A. Students are welcome to bring cooked home food. GIIS Schools require all students to eat their snacks and lunches only in the canteen area, and no students are allowed to eat in classrooms or corridors or playgrounds. The kindergarten students however are allowed to eat their meals in the classrooms.

Q. What is the procedure for applying for leave?

A. Application for student leave must be supported by a medical certificate or a letter from the parents. If travelling overseas during the period when the school is open, it is advisable to inform the principal and teachers well in advance and get leave sanctioned. Refer to the school diary.

Q. How do I reach or communicate with my child's teachers?

A. You can communicate with your child’s teachers through the My GIIS intranet system which allows you to access all details of your child and academic information. The access user id and password are emailed to you after you enroll your child in the school.

Q. If my child is absent from school for a long time how will I know what portion of his syllabus has been covered?

A. You can access the syllabus section from the My GIIS intranet. You can also print all the posted academic materials such as worksheets etc.

Q. How do I get the worksheets that my child has missed out on during his absence?

A. All worksheets are posted and available on the My GIIS school intranet. You can print them at home and get your child to work on them. Your child can also request the teacher to give you a hardcopy.

Q. What is the purpose of the school diary?

A. A lot of information is available in the school diary and parents are requested to check it regularly. The diary is another tool of communication between the teachers and the parents.

Q. What is the homework policy?

A. The children are given home work according to a plan that is planned in advance to ensure they have a balanced allocation of work. Home work schedule is also distributed in the beginning of the session.

Q. What is the use of including Sanskrit in the school curriculum especially in the lower classes?

A. Despite being an International school, we encourage children to appreciate and value their heritage and culture. In this direction, Sanskrit is given its due importance. This is what great people have said about Sanskrit: “Sanskrit language, as has been universally recognized by those competent to form a judgment, is one of the most magnificent, the most perfect, the most prominent and wonderful sufficient literary instrument developed by the human mind”.- Shri Aurobindo. “Sanskrit is the greatest language of the world” - Max Mueller


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